12 - 18 Year Old Courses

Our 2 week courses are the backbone of the coláiste with large numbers attending each year. The huge number of students returning each year is a testament to their success as is the extremely positive feedback we receive from all the students and their parents. Indeed the teachers and the Principals of schools throughout the country continually praise the college for its hard work and commitment in its high standards which are evident in the students fluency returning to schools in the Autumn.

As previously mentioned, total immersion has been proven as the most effective method of language attainment and with Coláiste Cholumba’s location being at the heart of the TRUE Connemara Gaeltacht, this total immersion is without question. It is obvious then that it is the first choice for those who are looking for a deep richness in both the ‘blas’ the ‘saibhreas’ of the language and also it's culture and traditions.

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